Soft Hardware

“There is a reason they call it hardware—it is hard,” said Tony Fadell, father of the iPod, at LeWeb conference two years ago. By that phrase he meant of course that creating hardware… Continue reading

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“Always carry a corkscrew…”

“…and the wine shall provide itself”. -Basil Bunting

Form follows algorithm

What is parametric design? Can parametric design processes be applied to everyday objects? Following are some answers.. enjoy!                              … Continue reading

The Salt ‘n Pepper Affair

They come together. They’re black & white. They complement each other. They spice up our food and our lives. The story of salt and pepper shakers, as well as an amazing museum idea,… Continue reading

Get the hang of it. Reloaded.

It’s been almost two years since my 2010 search of the ideal coat hanger. And to my delight, some pretty nice designs have hit the market. The coat rack, as an object, due… Continue reading

Ami l’Origami?

  Io, Sì.  

Greek designers? Yes, please.


As wood as it gets

Once I was in a gallery in Milan with a friend. There was an art piece which consisted of a big wooden door. Next to it there was a description tag with the… Continue reading

What a mesh!

I’ve always enjoyed a good mesh. Its exposed structure, metallic, plastic or whatever, always comes as an eye pleasure. So, I gladly announce that this is a totally meshed up post ;)

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